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traveling with baby

Yesterday evening, we walked downtown with Forest to Sips Coffeehouse, totally unplanned.  We were just on a walk with Forest in the sling, and we hadn’t even packed a diaper bag, so we stopped by Dollar General to pick up some diapers and wipes first.  I love that we were able to be spontaneous and just decide to head that way; I attribute that mostly to Donald’s laid-back attitude as a parent.  He seems much less nervous than I am and doesn’t focus on all of the “what-ifs.”

When we arrived at Sips, we were treated to the sounds of a really good jazz trio playing old standards and ate some tasty food.  Forest seemed to enjoy the evening overall.

Today, we went to Edmond to recycle plastics #1-7 and for me to work more on cleaning out the garage at my Edmond house to get it ready to sell.  My wonderful friend Teresa watched Forest while Donald graded papers and I sorted through stuff in the garage.  Then we headed over to Ann & Michael’s house to eat a lovely vegan/vegetarian dinner.  Jean, Teresa, and Katherine Ann joined us.  Forest really enjoyed the conversation of many people at the dinner table.