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Forest’s first overnight trip

On Saturday, August 14th, we took Forest to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, OK.  Forest seemed unsettled and scared about being away from familiar surroundings during his bedtime, but we all did get some sleep that night in the hotel, and Forest was ready for new adventures in the morning.

Forest got to hike down the path to Antelope and Buffalo Springs in a backpack on Daddy’s back:

Forest on his first hike in the backpack.

We walked down the path to the springs, and I held Forest in my arms for a nice long (needed) nap at Buffalo Springs while Daddy photographed dragonflies, lizards, and birds.

Mommy holding Forest after his lunch at Buffalo Springs.

Later, we went to Veterans’ Lake, ate a late picnic lunch, and Forest played on a blanket in the picnic shelter overlooking the lake.  There were tons of Yellow Warblers in the trees near the picnic shelter, and it was nice to watch them while we played with Forest.  Forest took his first ever brief dip in the lake (skinnydipping), and he enjoyed splashing and kicking in the water.


Forest River visits the lake

Donald, Forest and I visited Shawnee Twin Lakes on Saturday to see the Cliff Swallows building their mud nests.  We heard and saw a pretty Orchard Oriole, heard a Yellow Warbler,  saw a Francolin’s Gull, and saw some Spotted Sandpipers and Least Sandpipers.

sitting on the bank, looking out over the water

Forest got to dip his little toes in the cool lake water (dried off soon after), and we lay on a blanket under the trees.  We had a nice picnic lunch and enjoyed the day!

Daddy soothing Forest at the lake