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Sleep… or lack thereof for parents

We started putting the baby to bed at 8:00pm.  He’s alseep now at 10:30 after several tries.   He screams so loudly when he’s very tired but, I guess, he is fighting sleep.  Hopefully our neighbors won’t think we’re torturing him.  Quite amazing.  I do love how he stares at me with rapt attention while I’m singing lullabies while rocking him.  Makes me think I’m a decent singer or something.

Maybe he’ll sleep well tonight.  I think that last night’s very rough night was hopefully the last repercussion of the vaccinations Forest had on Friday.  He took a mega-4 hour nap on Sunday in the afternoon and, predictably, did not sleep well at night.  He was up every 1-2 hours.  He had a fever on Friday night and Saturday, following the vaccines.  Tylenol brought it down.

I managed to drive to Norman for a meeting today without falling asleep on the road, but then I had to try to stay perky for two meetings with no caffeine.