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4-month photos for Fathers’ Day


Pictures from June 19, 2011 our first Fathers’ Day.  Forest turned four months old this past Wednesday, June 16th.



Donald’s first Fathers’ Day started out early this morning at about 2:00 a.m. when I called his name 8 or 9 times to wake him up after I had nursed Forest on one side.  I asked if he could find us a burp cloth, as I had forgotten to put one in our bedroom.  Donald bolted upright out of what, I presume, was a peaceful, deep sleep, and took the baby to burp and change a diaper before returning him to me to finish nursing.


To continue his Fathers’ Day celebration, Donald is mowing the lawn right now!  He wouldn’t let me call anyone else to do it.  Hopefully I can figure out something else nice to do for my Baby Daddy.







media uploads return to forestriver.me

Did you know I’m the only baby boy on the block with two blogs? My other blog is at forestriver.me, and my Daddy just fixed the media upload function. But we’re not sure how big of an image file it will take, so test it with your pictures of me!


Today Forest and Daddy visited Rose State College to turn in grades.