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For the past few weeks, we’ve thought that Forest might be laughing, but weren’t quite sure.  Tonight, however, I was getting him ready for a bath and I’m absolutely certain he was laughing.  His whole face lit up, his eyes were smiling, and his body was animated with laughter.  Such a beautiful sight to see!  He was laughing in response to me undressing him for his bath and singing about his rubber ducky that he would get to see.  I think he also takes great joy in being naked, so that might be part of it.  He enjoyed his bath, but cried after I dried him off and put his diaper on–further evidence that he likes to be naked.


Photos from May 15 -21, 2011

Forest enjoys his baths and going for a walk in a sling.









Forest and Mommy are ready for a walk.


tubby time

I absolutely LOVE giving Forest baths even though I haven’t yet been bathing him very often so far.   He smiles so much, and he loves to kick and splash!  He seems to enjoy the feel of the warm water on his skin.  I sing the rubber ducky song over and over for him. I think he got a little too cold tonight after I got him out, even though I had him wrapped in two towels.  But I got him warmed up quickly with a blanket and some nursing.   I think he’s ready to be bathed more often as part of his routine.