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Nursing fussiness checklist

I’m hoping to figure out why Forest often fusses, turns his head, unlatches, and cries while nursing sometimes.  When I’m too sleep deprived or otherwise not feeling well, I always think it’s because I’m running out of milk and starving my baby, but his pediatrician and my lactation consultant have both said that he is growing well and is healthy.

Even if others tell me all is well, it is still very disconcerting to have my baby crying at my breast–the very place that usually soothes him when nothing else will.  When I’m seeing things more clearly and reading his behavior more carefully, I can narrow his behavior down to one of these problems:

  1. currently working on producing a stool
  2. intestinal gas
  3. needs to be burped–gas bubble in tummy
  4. ready to have his diaper changed NOW
  5. very tired and wants to go to sleep
  6. frustration with my nipple after unlatching
  7. milk supply currently low because he’s been nursing every hour
  8. milk not letting down fast enough because mommy is nervous
I think that if I just go through these possibilities when this happens, that will help me avoid the crushing belief that I am starving my child.  We see his pediatrician on Thursday, so I’m looking forward to asking him about the reflux problem and this nursing-fussiness behavior.