Exploring the science museum

Forest’s cousin Zane’s Birthday party was very fun today at the science museum.  Forest especially liked the water exhibit in the childrens’ area.


At first I thought, “there’s no need to wear those plastic aprons they provide. He’ll just be putting his hands in the water.” How wrong I was, He managed to get completely wet. Luckily I had a change of clothes packed.

Zane, the birthday boy brought his mommy Cheryl (Forest’s cousin, but we call her Aunt Cheryl).  Suzi, Zane’s aunt and Forest’s cousin (although we call her Aunt Suzi), was there.  Mommy’s new great-great-nephew Caleb was there with mommy Rebekah and Rebekah’s friend Leah.  Not sure what Caleb’s relationship to Forest is, but it must be some kind of cousin.


Leah, Rebekah’s friend, is on the left. Rebekah is holding newborn Caleb who is 2 weeks and 5 days old.


Debbie is Caleb’s great-grandmother. I also might mention that Debbie knitted a beautiful baby blanket for Forest with colors taken from forests and rivers!

Forest climbed on these risers and fell.  His nose bled very slightly, but he is apparently fine.


Here are the risers that I used to play on at the Omniplex when I was a kid. I thought he was doing better climbing, so I wasn’t right under him. But he wasn’t looking where he was going (distracted by many exciting happenings in that big area), and he fell. Nose appears to be undamaged, although there was a small amount of blood.

Then Mommy and Forest ate Mexican food in Oklahoma City before heading home to Shawnee.  We made a very big mess at the table.  I did not take a picture of the destruction.


Playing with Mommy today at home

Forest has not let me take him anywhere in the car today.  We were planning on meeting the Audubon group and Donald for lunch in OKC. That didn’t work out.  Later, I tried to take Forest to the big park, and he threw a second fit about getting in his car seat.  So we’ve been  playing at home.


His legs are kind of too long for this toy.  He was running away from me here, and I was trying to put his pants back on after a diaper change.  He’s laughing at me making bird noises.


Right now, Forest is nursing down for a nap.  Maybe he’ll want to go out somewhere after he has rested.

First time sleeping through the night until dawn

Last night, Forest slept from 8:30 p.m. until dawn at 7:00 a.m.   That’s 10.5 hours in his own crib.

  Daddy and Mommy are so thrilled!  Although I must admit I missed him in bed with us at some point.  I’m sure this will not be an absolutely straight path, and I’ll likely get more oppportunoties to snuggle with him….

Sleep at last — Heavens be praised

I’m proud to say that my baby slept from 8:30 p.m. last night until 5:43 a.m. this morning!  That’s over 9 hours.  Absolutely unprecedented in his previous almost-20 months on the planet.  He nursed and went back to sleep until 7:48 a.m., then he woke up very happy and ready to start his day.

As stunning as this achievement is, even more amazing to me is how wonderful I feel today.  My mind is clear, I have no aches and pains, and I have ample energy for toddler chasing on this lovely Sunday.  This is the first time in the previous 20 months, plus much of my pregnancy that I’ve slept not only seven hours, but also maybe an extra hour and 1/2 this morning after he went back to sleep. How would I remember a detail like that, you may ask?  Only because I’ve been obsessing about how little I was sleeping ever since the birth of my precious, sleep-resistant child.  Obsessing, not usually in a resentful way, but in a hopeful way. I have held out hope that sleep for all of us will improve.  Oh, I admit that I’ve also counted sleep hours in order to whine more effectively to my husband to garner sympathy sometimes.

Better sleep, I’ve read, helps babies with developmental changes and tasks they are trying to achieve, and I’ve wondered whether Forest might be generally happier if he could sleep better.  I know it would help me be a more energetic mommy to an active toddler, and I’m sure it would help me be more productive at my job.

Now, I did wake up in the middle of the night, last night, wondering what was wrong with Forest that he was so quiet.  But I quickly assured myself that all was well and went back to bed, because I never know when I will be summoned to comfort him.  Donald said that he “woke many times” wondering why Forest wasn’t crying to be picked up from his crib.  We were both stunned when he didn’t call out to us until 5:43 this morning.

Forest is having an afternoon nap now, and I wish him sweet dreams.

Forest is having a nice nap this afternoon, following a good night’s sleep the night before.

Napping after trip to Weigant Park

Forest brought me my sandals as I lay on the couch after lunch.  So we went to the park, and he played a very long time.  Although he was getting tired and wanting to be held all the time, he really fought me when I tried to put him in his car seat.  Lots of screaming and struggling, and that was just me!  (kidding). He fell asleep after about two minutes in the car.


Corn on the cob!

Forest ate his first sweet corn on the cob tonight.  I had cut kernels off for him, but he wanted Mommy’s cob as soon as he saw it.


Broccoli appreciation

I just had to post this video Forest interacting with his broccoli when Grandma took us out to eat.