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Playing at Grandma’s house


Noel the dog is entertained by Forest’s organ music.



Swimming at Shawnee Twin Lakes

It’s a very windy day! Forest is enjoying the waves, but we’re getting sand in our eyes.




Hope this video posts:

Hide and seek at the park


Forest found Mommy (the photographer) behind a tree.

Napping after trip to Weigant Park

Forest brought me my sandals as I lay on the couch after lunch.  So we went to the park, and he played a very long time.  Although he was getting tired and wanting to be held all the time, he really fought me when I tried to put him in his car seat.  Lots of screaming and struggling, and that was just me!  (kidding). He fell asleep after about two minutes in the car.


Retrospective–One Year Old and walking!–February 12, 2012

(I wrote this right after the birthday party, but didn’t publish until now.)
Forest turned one year old last Thursday, February 16th. He took a few steps without holding on to anything the day before, February 15th. We had a birthday party for him at the Shawnee Library on Sunday, Feb. 19th. He took 15 steps, unaided, while Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Don, Aunt Carol, Karen’s niece Cheryl, and Cousin Zane watched! It was so nice having so much family watch him take his very first string of many steps.

I made two “wacky cakes” for Forest’s party, just like my mother used to make for us. These are quick, easy, and tasty chocolate cakes made without eggs or milk. I never knew the word “vegan” when I was growing up, but I guess that’s what they were. So, I was happy that Donald liked the cake. Forest seemed kind of overstimulated and tired during some of his party, and he wasn’t much in the mood for trying his cake. He seemed to like the little taste he had, but he didn’t want much. We took a lot home, so we can offer him some cake later.

There were some big boys at Forest’s party: Danan, 2 years old; Oliver, 4 years old; and cousin Zane, 5 years old. The older boys seemed to have fun at the party, and Forest sat down and played along with them for a bit.

Guests at Forest’s first birthday party included: Libby & Louis Holshouser (Karen’s former co-worker and her husband); Alice, Aaron, and Oliver (Libby’s daughter and her family); Brother Damion (Donald’s colleague from St. Gregory’s); Becky & Dean from the Deep Fork Audubon Society; Donna Schoenkopf from Susatainable Shawnee, Bobbi, Malinda & David (Karen’s friends from high school); Cheryl & Zane Parkell; Uncle Don & Aunt Carol; Laura, Chris, and Danan Geer (new friends in Shawnee); Henry, Gary, Mark, and Mr. Ontovireos (Karen’s library customers).

We told people not to bring gifts since our house is so small and we don’t have much storage space. But Libby and Alice brought Forest a wooden alligator toy and a puzzle. Grandma Miriam sent money for us to shop for something for Forest (we bought summer clothes and a musical mailbox that he likes to play with). Sister Marcianne from St. Gregory’s crocheted Forest a beautiful cream and blue scarf, and Donna made him a nice decoupage picture with evergreen leaves attached.

I had a lot of fun decorating the room with streamers and a “Goodnight Moon” banner made with Forest’s picture on it;
and it was very fun mixing up a cake with Forest in the kitchen helping me the night before, unloading and reloading a drawer that he opened and closed many, many times!

All we are saying is give peas a chance!

Forest eating peas