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pediatrician visit & housecleaning aspirations

Forest went to see the doctor yesterday, and he has had a bit of fever following his vaccinations.  We’ve given him doses of baby Tylenol.  He has been squealing with a high-pitched scream.  I think that’s partly due to the fever but we think he’s also started teething.  So…. we need to get some baby teething gel next time we get out.

Today I am trying to get some rooms ready for my brother and his family who are coming from San Diego.  It’s difficult to get much done, as the baby requires a good bit of attention.  Couldn’t find a babysitter (Forest has actually never yet had a babysitter, but I do have two leads that I tried for today).  One girl said that she could come, but then she felt sick, so she cancelled.  I suppose my family will forgive our messiness.


2-month pediatrician visit at 11 weeks old, today

baby update: Forest visited the pediatrician today. He now weighs 14lbs 12ozs and is 24.5 inches long. No wonder his daddy’s elbow is shot from lifting him!

He has a mild fever and is not feeling well / was fussy following vaccinations.  He was crying with a tone I’ve never heard before, and he was briefly inconsolable, but we finally got him to relax, and we gave him a dose of Tylenol which brought his fever down.

Forest went to bed, and I’m staying up to pump–trying to lay in a milk supply to get ready to return to work.  I don’t like staying up so late to pump since the baby is already in bed–it would be nice to go to sleep myself.  But it is hard to pump during the day because I never know how long he is going to nap, that is IF he naps.