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Thanksgiving Travel

Forest has been sleeping with his carrot lately.  We are driving at night through the Texas panhandle right now on the way to Phoenix for Thanksgiving.  The carrot is snuggling with Forest in the car seat.


A boy and his root vegetable.


Sleep at last — Heavens be praised

I’m proud to say that my baby slept from 8:30 p.m. last night until 5:43 a.m. this morning!  That’s over 9 hours.  Absolutely unprecedented in his previous almost-20 months on the planet.  He nursed and went back to sleep until 7:48 a.m., then he woke up very happy and ready to start his day.

As stunning as this achievement is, even more amazing to me is how wonderful I feel today.  My mind is clear, I have no aches and pains, and I have ample energy for toddler chasing on this lovely Sunday.  This is the first time in the previous 20 months, plus much of my pregnancy that I’ve slept not only seven hours, but also maybe an extra hour and 1/2 this morning after he went back to sleep. How would I remember a detail like that, you may ask?  Only because I’ve been obsessing about how little I was sleeping ever since the birth of my precious, sleep-resistant child.  Obsessing, not usually in a resentful way, but in a hopeful way. I have held out hope that sleep for all of us will improve.  Oh, I admit that I’ve also counted sleep hours in order to whine more effectively to my husband to garner sympathy sometimes.

Better sleep, I’ve read, helps babies with developmental changes and tasks they are trying to achieve, and I’ve wondered whether Forest might be generally happier if he could sleep better.  I know it would help me be a more energetic mommy to an active toddler, and I’m sure it would help me be more productive at my job.

Now, I did wake up in the middle of the night, last night, wondering what was wrong with Forest that he was so quiet.  But I quickly assured myself that all was well and went back to bed, because I never know when I will be summoned to comfort him.  Donald said that he “woke many times” wondering why Forest wasn’t crying to be picked up from his crib.  We were both stunned when he didn’t call out to us until 5:43 this morning.

Forest is having an afternoon nap now, and I wish him sweet dreams.

Forest is having a nice nap this afternoon, following a good night’s sleep the night before.

Forest’s big day

Forest went with mommy to Midwest City / Oklahoma City to meet her girlfriends for ladies’ night out.  We ate at the Golden Palace restaurant, then went shopping at Penn Square Mall.

Bobbi holding Forest at the restaurant

Lisa holding Forest at the restaurant. She did a jitterbug dance with him later.

I walked around the mall with Forest in his sling part of the time, and everyone was commenting on how funny it was that he was folded kind of in half where his feet were up near his face, and one foot was sticking out of the sling since he is such a long baby.  I didn’t get pictures of me carrying him in the sling, as I have tended to be the person behind the camera lately, but I will ask Donald to take some sling pictures soon to document how large he looks in the sling at this age.  People were also surprised about how heavy his was already.  He already weighs something over 19 pounds, I think, at five months old.

Forest was pretty happy at the restaurant and had a nap on the way to the mall.  We met Malinda and her family at the mall, and shortly after all the Douglases held him, Forest realized it was time for a nap and started fussing loudly, which is how he often gets ready to fall asleep.

Malinda and David held Forest at the mall before his very impressively loud, pre-nap fussing performance.

  After I drove back to Shawnee and nursed Forest, I pumped some extra milk to mix with rice cereal.  Donald fed Forest his first ever solid food on his 5 month birthday!

Daddy is feeding Forest his first ever solid food, rice cereal, mixed with breast milk.

to sleep, perchance to sleep through the night….

Forest took more naps than usual yesterday, then had a couple of evening “naps” before settling down for the longest stretch of sleep yet in his almost-five-months of life.  He slept from 12:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.

I woke up around 4:00 a.m. wondering what was wrong with my baby and why I wasn’t up nursing.  I shone a small flashlight near his cradle to make sure he was okay.  He was breathing just fine and looked pretty sacked out, so I just went to the bathroom and fed the cats (Vivace is recovering from feline infectious anemia and is trying to regain strength and weight), then went back to bed for another couple of hours.

Unexpected, but nice!  I do hope he begins to cycle toward longer sleep periods like this.


Sleep… or lack thereof for parents

We started putting the baby to bed at 8:00pm.  He’s alseep now at 10:30 after several tries.   He screams so loudly when he’s very tired but, I guess, he is fighting sleep.  Hopefully our neighbors won’t think we’re torturing him.  Quite amazing.  I do love how he stares at me with rapt attention while I’m singing lullabies while rocking him.  Makes me think I’m a decent singer or something.

Maybe he’ll sleep well tonight.  I think that last night’s very rough night was hopefully the last repercussion of the vaccinations Forest had on Friday.  He took a mega-4 hour nap on Sunday in the afternoon and, predictably, did not sleep well at night.  He was up every 1-2 hours.  He had a fever on Friday night and Saturday, following the vaccines.  Tylenol brought it down.

I managed to drive to Norman for a meeting today without falling asleep on the road, but then I had to try to stay perky for two meetings with no caffeine.

a few recent photos from 10-11 weeks old

Vivace is napping with Forest, April 2011

ready to go for a walk on a cool spring day, May 4, 2011

grading papers with Daddy